Suzanne Smith

Hi I'm Suzanne. I am a professionally trained therapeutic counsellor. My interest in therapy originally came from my own personal issues. Initially, seeking answers and contentment within myself, highlighted where destructive patterns of behaviour arose from, giving me an insight into how I could make positive changes in my life. This then led to a desire to know and understand more, and to help others to experience learning to be their true to their authentic self. My Integrative Training in counselling has allowed me to experience many different working models including Person Centred, Gestalt, Psychodynamic and CBT. This broad depth of knowledge has better equipped me to tailor each session for every individual client’s needs. For example, working with creative imagery or on creative projects with clients to unblock areas which raise awareness and can enable the healing process. I create a warm, safe, non judgmental space for exploration and building trust for the counselling process. I am a registered MBACP counsellor and adhere to the BACP’s code of ethics.


Since qualifying as a therapeutic counsellor I have continued as a volunteer with two charities, and I now work in private practice.

The areas that I have worked in include, abuse sexual or otherwise, anger management, bereavement & loss, anxiety, depression, domestic violence, relationship issues, career, substance misuse, addiction, low self esteem, suicidal thoughts, disability and eating disorders. 

Qualifications & Previous Work

2014 - CPCAB Level 1 - Introduction to Counselling

 2015 - CPCAB Level 2 - Counselling Skills (QCF)

2015 - 2016 - CPCAB Level 3 - Counselling Studies

2016 - 2018 - CPCAB Level 4 - Diploma in Therapeutic Counselling 

September 2018 - Sexual Abuse Workshop

October 2018 - Constellation Therapy Training (Systemic Model)

2017- 2019

The Sunshine Recovery Cafe, by CDARS

The Sunshine Recovery Café helps those who are at risk of moving into mental health crisis. It offers a constructive and non-clinical alternative to A&E or admission to hospital. As a counsellor I worked as part of the team to enable people to identify the nature of their crisis, discover their triggers, and help them identify strengths and coping skills, they might use to reduce their distress in order to successfully manage their own situations in the future.


Cassandra Learning Centre

This charity aims to raise awareness and educate both young men and women about the risks and signs of domestic abuse/violence and to offer much needed support to those in need of assistance. I counsel individuals long term or short term, consistently assessing their needs depending on their circumstances.